Synthesis of novel oxazolidinedione derivatives by using different methods

Shriram S Purohit, Devendra Kumar


This research article  is about the synthesis of Oxazolidine-2,4-diones using Tetraethyl ammonium hydrogen carbonate (T.E.A.H.C.). Synthesis by using TEAHC didnot give proper results due to requirement of extremely anhydrous conditions of all reactants, solvents and  the reaction environment. Though all solvents, reactants used were rigorously dried,the results were not repetitive as mentioned by Stefania Cesa et,al. We also used Oxalyl chloride to synthesize Oxazolidine-4,5-diones but even in extremely dried conditions of all reactants and the solvents, the  prominent peaks were not observed in the final products.

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