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Velocity Trim Keto Review

by angel root (2019-06-13)

Reported side effects of the keto diet include short‐term stomach upsets and increased blood cholesterol. From a social perspective, the long list of banned foods can make celebrations and dinner invitations rather awkward. Indeed, reports show that patients find it difficult to stick to strict low-carb diets long-term. Phillips comments: "As the best evidence is for drug-resistant epilepsy in children and adults, these are the main groups of patients who could try the keto diet, but under supervision from medical and dietetic experts. The charity, Matthew's Friends, has some great information on its website about how to get started. As for other medical conditions, or weight loss, there are alternative eating plans which are less restrictive, have fewer side effects, and which are more likely to be healthy and effective. Ask your GP for a referral to a dietician to chat through the options."