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Nutra Keto 24

by grace william (2019-01-11)

You can drop a lot of weight and quickly on the keto diet. Ketones suppress ghrelin your hunger hormone and increase cholecystokinin (CCK), which makes you feel full.Reduced appetite means it’s easier to go for longer periods without eating, which encourages your body to dip into its fat stores for energy. The keto diet is anti-inflammatory, and could protect you against major degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer. Ketones provide an immediate hit of energy for your brain, and up to 70% of your brain’s energy needs when you limit carbs. Fat also feeds your brain and keeps it strong. Your brain is at least 60% fat, so it needs loads of good fats to keep it running. Essential fatty acids such as omega-3s help grow and develop the brain, while saturated fat keeps myelin — the layer of insulation around the brain strong so your neurons can communicate with each other.