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Internal 911 Supplements

by grace william (2019-01-31)

A huge injection of various vitamins and antioxidants will be better absorbed through liquid than through solid foods. If you’re going to be consuming a lot of liquid, why not make it the most nutritious liquid you can? This is where fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices come in. That is, juice you press yourself and drink immediately. Again, you’ll need a juicer for this, folks. Bonus shots of wheatgrass are also great to incorporate. But not table salt. You shouldn’t even have this highly processed version in your home. Drinking filtered water with a pinch of sea salt will do the job, or better yet, drink organic miso broth. It’s better because it’s super high in electrolytes, and also digestive enzymes. You can also get electrolytes from pure, unsweetened coconut water.