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Colon Detox Plus Review

by mohana 0011 (2019-02-04)

Have you noticed how many women have so-called energy bars crammed in their purses, briefcases and baby bags? Most of these women aren't competitive or elite athletes and don't need the added fuel (that is, calories) found in these products. They buy them, instead, out of the belief that something called an energy bar will make them more energetic. "One big mistake I find that people make when it comes to energy levels is trying to fix low energy with food—especially when you are not hungry," says Melinda Johnson, MS, RD, a national spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and owner of Nutrition for Slackers, a counseling service in Chandler, Arizona. Johnson faults energy drinks as another "energy food" that typically has too many calories and too much caffeine, creating a false energy burst, followed by a drop.