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OptiMind Review

by Shira Mary (2019-02-04)

A dual diagnosis center is designed to help people affected with both alcohol or drug addiction OptiMind and a mental illness, such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder, or anxiety. Experience has shown that it is possible to treat both these problems, and the best way to do so is to treat the psychiatric illness and the chemical dependency at the same time. Such treatment is, no doubt, complicated but many centers have now started offering help to these patients. The biggest hurdle in treating them is their denial mode, because they find it difficult to accept that they need dual diagnosis drug rehabilitation.When the patient is made to realize the importance and necessity of the treatment, the first task of the dual diagnosis treatment center is to start the process of medically monitored detoxification or detox. In this process, the body is completely sanitized, without leaving a trace of alcohol or any other drug, and the drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms are closely monitored. When the process of detox is stabilized, the psychiatrist has to plan a strategy to treat the addiction and mental illness at the same time. This strategy has to be tailor-made to suit the needs of each patient. The dual diagnostic center has to proceed gradually so that the treatment is deep-rooted, and the objective is that the patient is able to completely abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol and his mental problems are controlled with sustained medication.The mental health of a patient can also be disturbed by eating disorders. The symptoms of various types of this disorder vary and need to be taken into consideration for the proper formulation of the treatment plan. Similarly, sexual addiction is another area where the dual diagnosis center needs to develop a proper treatment strategy along with treatment of the substance abuse.What is being suggested in this work is that it is possible to transcend the normal egoic dimensions of the individual and explore other realms that are mystical in nature. For example, a physicist can describe the mechanics of gravity, and these mechanics can be measured. It is recognized immediately that if there were no gravity, this universe would not hold together. Our normal experience of life is filled with ideas of multiple things that seem solid and separate. We have a strong intrinsic sense of the world as a binary production where there are clearly definable (this & that; here & not here; right & wrong) that encourages the development a perspective that distinguishes fundamental differences in shape, color, form, solidity, temperature, light, and so on. Therefore, when looking at a client it is easy to become deceived by the habituation of all the mental differentiations and distinctions that actually arise out of a basic limited ability to perceive the individual as a part of an interactive system rather than a standalone entity.