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The Lost Book Of Remedies Review

by Shira Mary (2019-02-14)

We have all heard and seen how devastating earthquakes, hurricanes, The Lost Book Of Remedies and other disasters can be, but do most people realize the full impact of these events I believe the answer is no. Do you think you and your family can survive following a disaster without an emergency preparedness kit, or pre-prepared emergency survival supplies? How long do you think it would be before help would arriv Most of the buzz you hear around survival preparation suggests you have an emergency preparedness kit or emergency survival supplies to sustain you for 72 hours. This is definitely better than no emergency preparedness kit at all, but in a major disaster do you really believe that the local, state, or federal government can get to everyone in only 3 days? Let's look at their track record.In the Haiti earthquake it took 2-3 days just for small teams to arrive and begin assessment. It was more than 5 days before organized rescue efforts were taking place, and much longer in area's that had transportation routes destroyed by the quake. Most of those people had no emergency preparedness kit.In the Chile earthquake, victims stated that four days following the quake they still had yet to see any help. Most of those people had no emergency preparedness kit.Following hurricane Katrina, in New Orleans, it was 3 days before search and rescue even began in moderate numbers, with many not reached for 6 days or longer. Most of those people had no emergency preparedness kit.Everyone thinks oh three to seven days, I have plenty of stuff around my house to eat, and drink. What if those supplies are destroyed, or become inaccessible, or contaminated? What if you are not at home, and cannot reach home in a disaster? Do you believe that many of the victims of the previously mentioned disasters might have thought the same thing You may be asking yourself What amount of supplies should I have in my emergency preparedness kit? James Roddey, Earth Sciences Information Officer for the Oregon Department of Geology, had this to say about earthquake and disaster preparation. Earthquakes take a huge toll on infrastructure including bridges, water delivery, sewer, etc... He goes on to say that we should not count on any level of government; it's up to the individuals, and local communities to be prepared. Following a large disaster it could take a month for power to be restored. You could likely be on your own for two weeks or longer. I think he said it best with this statement, "Disasters are inevitable, survival is optional."An emergency preparedness kit, or emergency survival supplies can save your life if you plan ahead. You buy car, health, home, and life Insurance, so why are you not getting Survival Insurance? It costs far less than the others! So get prepared for these disasters now. Purchase, or assemble an emergency preparedness kit, and ensure you have enough supplies for you and your family to survive till help can arrive!