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Fungus Hack Review

by Adams Smith (2019-02-15)

It is an age-old statement of a woman's beauty Fungus Hack Review small feet are more attractive. This belief has gone on for generations and in many cultures, it is still culturally unacceptable for a woman to have large feet and be considered beautiful. However, there could be something more than a shallow belief behind this idea. At the root of every feature we seek after for beauty, there is an underlying grain of health that goes with it. From the beginning of humanity, good health has always been appealing. So the question is no longer "are small feet prettier", but are they healthierThe root of this discussion dates back to early ages. Attraction has always been based on health. Before medicine was as advanced as it is today, people would look for certain traits to help decide overall health. Health was a greater deal in past generations since their priorities were more fixed on producing children and raising families. If a person had healthier looking features, it meant they were more likely to produce healthy offspring and live long enough to care for the children.This literally meant that the healthier you were, the more attractive you seemed. This has a lot to do with why the old belief was that smaller feet are more attractive. Large feet are not necessarily unattractive but specialists like Jeremy Atkinson, an evolutionary psychologist at the University at Albany, New York, believe that the reason smaller feet are attractive is because they are signs of a healthy childhood.