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Curafen Review

by Adams Smith (2019-02-16)

These days you cannot pick up a newspaper without Curafen Review reading of some new wonder drug that has been discovered. Scientists have made great leaps in their knowledge and understanding of the body's DNA and the results are outstanding.A few decades ago certain cancers were almost considered to be a death sentence but now they are curable, or at the very least controllable. And as a result we can now expect to live not only a longer life, but also a better life too.Obviously this has to be seen as a good thing for all of us. Or, does it actually present more problems than we realise The cost of these new drugs seems to be getting higher and higher all the time. Although, to be honest, it is not surprising when you consider what it takes to get any new drug onto the market.The big drug companies have to invest colossal amounts of money into research and development. They spend years testing new drugs to make sure they comply with all the various regulations and discover what, if any, the side effects are.So by the time a new drug reaches the market an enormous amount of money has been invested on it. And obviously this money has to be recouped - plus enough profit to pay the shareholders and fund any new research. And this money is be paid by us, the patients, either directly over the pharmacy counter or through any social security or health insurance payments we make.