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No Bs Manifesting Course Review

by Nishish Sandy (2019-02-18)

Awareness is always in the background waiting for an opportunity to come forward.No Bs Manifesting Course Everyone has awareness of their individual personality, but ego has created many beliefs and so the journey of self awareness has to start with questioning your beliefs. Self awareness is a natural process because it is the expansive journey that spirit is taking to complete its cycle of evolution. The universe continues to expand and the stars continue to travel further apart. Human consciousness is also expanding and becoming more aware of its true nature. When you look back at human history, you can see points of understanding from philosophers, scientists, spiritual teachers and political leaders who have moved consciousness and expanded awareness. Your individual journey to self awareness is part of the overall expansion of consciousness worldwide.However it comes to you, the light of awareness will come out. It is a simple matter of looking at your beliefs and deciding if they are true or not. Life brings all experience to you with or without your consent. Your ego mind wants to make you believe that you are in control of your life experience. But this is only an illusion of the unconscious mind. What looks like decisions that you make each day are the thoughts of consciousness expressing itself. Thoughts being expressed are yours and yours alone. However your thoughts are influenced by your family, community and the media. The ego mind wants to exert control and create order to the random events you encounter each day. Therefore everything you experience is placed in some context or frame of reference for your understanding. This process is necessary or else you would have to relearn all your social skills over and over again. However with awareness you see how those patterns of recognition are sometimes limiting and sometimes very negative. Rigid beliefs about how and why the world is as it is can blind people from accepting differing opinions. The belief that the Bible stories of creation are literal explanations of human development is an example of how beliefs can prevent people from accepting other theories of evolution.Whatever you experience in life, however you label it, is your interpretation of the event. For example, success and adversity are on a sliding scale of interpretation. What is success for you is dependent solely upon how you define it. The same for adversity, how do you define adversity in your life? If you can drop your attachment to those types of definitions, you can start living in acceptance of what life brings you. Whatever life brings to you is for your growth. You can change any belief by inquiry.