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Ultra Omega Burn Review

by Nishish Sandy (2019-02-20)

What consequences? Let's consider a consequence related to human biology.Ultra Omega Burn When we feed ourselves to satisfy desires only, many of us will gain weight in the form of body fat as a result of our "needs" storing the excessive food material. This then leads to a higher prevalence of type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, heart disease, and early joint issues, among many other things.You see, the curse of abundance isn't a result of the mere existence of abundance. The curse is physically seen in the form of weight related diseases, among other things, but it is a conditional curse. What do I mean by conditional curse? The curse can't exist when there is a healthy balance between needs and desires. Abundance only makes an imbalance between needs and desires possible. The curse develops as a way to tell us that we must restore the balance.So, curse isn't exactly what it seems. It would seem like a terrible list of ailments and tight-fitting clothing, but in fact the curse is a messenger. The message is simple and if we listen to it the curse of abundance will fade away. The message is, "Restore Balance".Restoring the balance is essential in improving the many health disparities seen in our country. There are people going hungry in a country that, in general, is suffering from the curse of abundance. It's like dying of dehydration on a raft in the middle of a fresh water lake. If the lake were instead an ocean, the dehydration would be understandable since the ocean water is undrinkable. But how can this happen in a huge fresh water lake? Why do we carry extra weight around my waist while other people starve? It doesn't seem fair. It doesn't seem right. This is the other side of the curse of abundance; disparity. The curse shortens all of our lives by both providing too much to some and providing too little to others.Such changes would be huge and would cause us to restructure many aspects of our lives and daily routines. Since such changes, as noble as they might be, are difficult, many of us choose the easier option of wearing blinders and filtering our thoughts. Guilt, or the avoidance and resolution of guilt, is a powerful motivator.But what if the big lifestyle changes weren't so difficult. What if these changes were actually easy? What if we could erase our conditioned thought processes fueled by desire and rewrite the code by which we interpret the world? What if we could make the changes needed in the way we live our lives in a way that would lengthen our lives, correct disparities, and remove the curse of abundance? What if we could experience a level of satisfaction with ourselves and overwhelming joy beyond anything we have experienced thus far? What if we could do all of this AND more than satisfy our personal desires.