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Becoming Limitless Review

by Adams Smith (2019-02-20)

The third key to beating fear is to find out what you don't know.Becoming Limitless Review When I make a delivery to a place I've never been before, I call ahead to find out what the building looks like, where I can park, what the location is close to, and any signage that is out front. With that in mind, I can approach the unknown with a lot more confidence. Sometimes I will ask them the best way to get to my next place if I'm unfamiliar with their neighborhood. I have a GPS but it helps to have more information in case the directions are wrong. The more you can find, the better prepared you'll be to stare fear in the eye and have a weapon you can see to fight back with.The unknown will always be around. But you don't have to let it cripple you. You can change bad habits. You don't have to focus on what can go wrong. You're not helpless. Think your fears through. Plan for how you'll respond to them. Learn how others have overcome their fears and find a way to apply that to your own situation.Back when our company introduced mobile car washing to Californians in the late 70s and early 80s we had the industry pretty much to ourselves as we were first to market. Of course, soon after we started making money hand over wash mitt imitators and competitors started popping up. This didn't sit too well with me, and so we developed a strategy to compete with and defeat the copy cats. In many regards these things have always happened, humans are indeed imitators by their very innate nature it seems. Okay so, let's talk shall we Today, on the internet it is the same thing, just a different venue. Someone comes up with a great idea, and before they even have their website fully developed there are copycat companies all over the place working all sorts of strategies to out rank them in the search engines, siphon off targeted traffic, and offer lower prices trying to undercut the originator. Well, "you gotta love humans," I always say, sarcastically of course.