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Vin Check Pro System Review

by Adams Smith (2019-02-23)

Couple this with the Intelligent Variable <a href="">Vin Check Pro System Review </a> Timing and Lift Control (I-VTEC) technology and it spells power to spare compared to other engines in the 2.3 Liter range. I-VTEC is one of the most advanced variable timing systems in the world giving plenty of economy, reduced emissions and high rpm power. The Variable Timing Control advances the camshaft rotation relative to engine rpm to optimize valve timing across the rev range of the engine.All this adds up to a sleek and powerful design that is sure to please the most power hungry of the cross-over set. Add in the available all-wheel drive option and it spells power to spare.The modern world places a huge amount of value on being able to multitask. It seems that we never have time to sit and really focus on one thing for more than a few minutes. Unfortunately, this is far too often the case with driving, as well. We are tempted treat our time commuting in the car as a chance to talk on the phone, have involved conversations with passengers, or eat a meal. All of these activities can pull a motorist's attention away from the road, adversely affecting his or her ability to drive safely.There are an innumerable number of things vying for our attention as we drive down the road. Some distractions have been around for a long time, like dealing with a crying child, adjusting the radio, shaving, or applying makeup. Technological advances have added even more chances for us to lose focus. Navigation systems, GPS units, MP3 players, and smart phones can all draw a driver's gaze away from the road, creating a situation where the likelihood of an accident skyrockets.Imagine that you are driving down the highway at 70 miles per hour. You receive a text and decide to quickly read it. In the single second that it takes you to look at your phone to open the message, your car will travel about 100 feet. Many, many things could happen in that 100 feet that could result in a catastrophic accident. The car in front of you might have to slam on their brakes for some reason. Someone in the lane next to you could swerve to avoid a piece of debris. A truck in front of you could blow a tire, sending a huge hunk of rubber flying directly at your car. Any of these situations could cause a deadly wreck. Driving distracted in pedestrian and cyclist heavy areas make it far more likely that you would hit someone unprotected by a car, upping the potential for devastating consequences.

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