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The Memory Hack

by Nishish Sandy (2019-02-23)

A lot of people have shared their astral projection stories from their experiences.The Memory Hack Review Sometimes, people don't believe them, especially if they haven't been through it. They say that it is only a dream or that they just made it up. But for those who have experienced it, they really find their experience unforgettable and priceless. Some experiences are bad while some find it good. A lot of astral projection stories happen when they have a near-death experience. They see their body but they can't feel it. They know what is happening but it seems like they aren't in the same world. Although they know they are still connected to their body. People say that during this time, they enter a tunnel or they are in a place where they have to pick if they should move one or stay. Some say that they have to make a choice but some people say that the decision has already been made even before they got there. Near-death experiences are the common stories that are shared to people. Most people do not know it but that moment before you go into a deep sleep, that will be the time when you experience astral travel. Researchers have associated it with 'sleep paralysis'. People dream a lot but most of the time, we do not remember it or we only remember bits and pieces. There are times when we feel like we are falling or flying. Researchers say that astral projection happens during this time. Astral projections can happen when you are drugged or when you are hypnotized. When you are hypnotized, the person is asked to do things and to leave the "real world". When this happens, you are away from reality and away from your conscious mind. People say that they feel like they cannot control their mind like how it is in reality.