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Brit Method Review

by Adams Smith (2019-02-23)

Another common mistake traders often make is Brit Method Review ignoring all of their technical analysis indicators and being long in a downtrend, and then buying extra Emini contracts as the price falls, or averaging a loss. You can see how dangerous this strategy can be (at least in the short term) in a situation like we've experienced several times over the last five years. Always remember the trend is your friend, don't ever buck it.Becoming proficient at technical analysis and determining the trend of the market can give us the inside running as traders, but it can take years of study and trial and error to become good enough at it to become successful. Does TA work all the time Of course not, nothing does. Losses on some trades are inevitable, as we cannot know for sure what the market will do. All our analysis can do is alert us to probabilities there are no certainties in financial markets.This is the hardest thing for most traders to accept. We all hate to be wrong, but that is the nature of the business. All we can do is take every trade our system gives us and see what happens. The better our analysis and our system, the more likely our trades will produce profits. And in addition to TA skills, you need patience, discipline and emotional control to become a successful Emini trader.Typically, as traders we must find or develop and perfect a trading system or set of analysis tools that we are comfortable with, based on what we learn from other traders, learning from our (often expensive) mistakes, taking courses and other forms of study.But what if you could shortcut the learning curve and become a profitable Emini trader as soon as today What if you could 'borrow' a successful trader's system and immediately implement it for yourself Instead of spending your time learning to trade, you could actually be trading profitably almost immediately.