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Fungus Hack System Review

by Adams Smith (2019-02-28)

Fungus in the medical sense is a microscopic Fungus Hack System organism like a bacteria that can infect human tissue. It prefers dark, warmer, moister environments, and subsequently thrives well on the feet, which usually are enclosed in shoes. In the summer, as the temperature increases, so does the sweating of the feet, making the environment around the foot and toe spaces more hospitable for fungus, which is essentially everywhere. Certain types of fungus like to attack and live off of skin tissue, and will cause an infection that creates peeling, cracking, itching, and sometimes burning skin. Fungus can also move from the skin around the toes to the skin underneath the nail, resulting in a nail fungus infection that turns the nails a yellow-white or brown color, and makes them thick, crumbly, and sometimes painful. Even the use of open shoes to dry the foot out more does not present this infection. Places such as shared or public showers, locker rooms, and changing rooms can harbor fungus from multiple people, and cause an infection to occur in those uninfected. Like preventing warts, the simple act of using sandals in those places, as well as using an over the counter antifungal cream on the feet once or twice a week may prevent this infection from arising.Heel pain is common during the summer, and is usually directly linked between a combination of increased walking activity and less supportive shoes. Some people have feet that need more support externally and when those people begin to wear less supportive shoes like flip flop sandals, and then also increase their walking activity, inflammation and injury can begin in the tissue under the foot, especially in a rubbery band under the sole known as the plantar fascia. This injury results in heel pain, especially in the am, after arising from being seated, and/or after extended activity. Called plantar fasciitis, it can cycle and flare for long periods of time, and nearly always needs medical and supportive treatment to resolve. The easiest way to prevent it from developing is to wear properly supportive shoes, and if necessary based on one's foot structure, supportive shoe inserts. When walking for an extended period, such as at an amusement park or outdoor mall, the best choice of shoe will always be a supportive athletic shoe. There are even better choices for flip flop sandals, such as those from Orthaheel, FitFlop, and Dansko, which are all recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association. By increasing foot support during the active summer months, one can prevent heel and arch injury altogether.