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Ring Ease Review

by Adams Smith (2019-03-01)

It must be determined when a Ring Ease Review caption should appear, and the length of time viewers need to read the caption, when prerecorded shows are being captioned. Faster captioning is required for action films. It's a different process to provide captioning for Raiders of the Lost Ark than A Man for All Seasons.While some of these programs receive their funding entirely from the Department of Education, some corporations, and the public broadcasting service, many others are being subsidized by various foundations or NCI. The deal might be that one party pays a third, another pays another third, and the network pays the final third. There are a couple of reasons for the small size of the audience for closed captioning, one being public awareness and the other being the decoder itself. When decoders were first introduced in 1980, the average cost was around $280. The cost of a decoder is now less than $250, usually around $200.There are some government funded grants and private foundations that help low income families who are in need of decoders get one. Some of our country's largest cities are participating in our programs, that allow a charge of only $35 for the decoder. As technology evolves, we are hopeful that the cost of the decoder will continue to decline, someday reaching a cost that allows TV manufacturers to see the benefit in adding a decoder capability into one or more of their TV models.Suffering from a hearing impairment is like having an invisible disability for many Americans. Today the largest group of physically disabled people in this country is the hearing impaired, but due to their invisibility in society these people often discover they have become isolated within their own lifestyle. Along with the obvious benefits that closed captioning brings to people with hearing impairment and deafness, it also allows for a uniting of families.Your ears need attention, and people who are deaf will benefit from the use of lip reading and a hearing aid. But it is a shame that great numbers of babies who enter the world with normal hearing, through accident or disease, lose this cherished sense.Measles and scarlet fever are two of the most prominent diseases that lead to hearing loss. Further, serious and frequent colds, nasal infection, infected adenoids and tonsillitis can result in swelling or abscesses of the middle ear which are extremely painful. Children can lose their hearing due to lack of medical treatment or not following the advice of a doctor.