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15 Minute Manifestation System Review

by Adams Smith (2019-03-02)

This is a very dangerous god who is 15 Minute Manifestation System Review invoked by political leaders as justification for wars. Belief in such a god appeals to people who like simple answers to difficult questions and refuse to see there are rights and wrongs, especially wrongs, on both sides in most conflicts. People who believe God was always on the side of Israel in the Old Testament have probably not read the Old Testament, or else have taken only a superficial look at it. There are complex issues there, as anywhere, and Israel gets plenty of criticism from the prophets who spoke for God. Whether pacifism or military service is "right" in any particular situation, or in all situations, is a big question. The answer does not help us decide whether or not there is a god. He is not necessarily on Our Side all the time.Some people say they have rejected God because he has failed to answer their prayers. They usually mean that the answers were not always what they wanted or expected. This disillusionment is the result of an assumption that prayer means "telling God what to do" and that God is obliged to do what we tell him. It is obvious that even God cannot please everyone all the time. You would also think that most people would be familiar with the words of the Lord's Prayer "Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven". Prayer is not a means of controlling God and, by implication, of controlling others. It is communication with God, which should result in opening ourselves up to God's will, possibly by letting God change our understanding of our situation. We cannot always know what is in our own best interests, let alone in the interests of others. If the god you do not believe in is a puppet you could control, then we are agreed: I do not believe in that one either.For too many people, the god they do not want to believe in is the one who is always trying to find fault and always ready to punish us any time we do anything he does not totally approve of, either by sending us to Hell for Eternity or by making life here on Earth a pretty good foretaste of it. This appears to be an image of God that has been promoted by the Church, or certain elements within it, as a means of exercising control over people's lives. Strangely enough, the religious leaders in Jesus' day seem to have been just like that, but he was accused of being a "friend of sinners". Not only that, but I can assure you that I for one, along with almost all the Christians I know, or have ever known, do not go around worrying about being punished by God in this life or the next. We enjoy being Christians, and we really mean it when we say, along with Saint John, "We love God because he first loved us!" If you do not believe in the Nasty God, neither do we. If you let that image put you off trying to get to know our God, you really do not know what you are missing.