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Profit Genesis 2.0 Review

by Nishish Sandy (2019-03-02)

Consider the possibility that Life Purpose may not be a single thing, but a continuum of purposes.Brainwave Shots You may not see how they are all connected until a later date.Life purpose may not look as dramatic and huge as you expect. It may be small and subtle... so much so that you may be already involved in life purpose work or living and not realize it.When you are considering multiple possibilities for your purpose, always choose the one that "lights you up" the most when you think of it or engage in it.If you are frustrated because you have many options and feel equal intensity toward each and cannot distinguish any one as more prominent, try each on for a short experiment. If you think being a writer is it, make a commitment to write 30 minutes a day every day for a week. At the end of the week, examine the experience. Did you write? Did you write every day? Did the writing flow easily? Were you excited "being a writer"? If your answers are no, that probably indicates that now is not the time in your life that writing is your life purpose. Perhaps you will later. Take the next option and devise a way to experiment with it for a week.If you have some inklings of your life purpose, but no idea how to pursue it, you may want to hire a coach, find a mentor, or connect with an entrepreneur center/business incubator facility.If you know what you want to do, but currently support yourself with an exhausting, all consuming job, you'll need to rearrange your life some. What works best is a "dual-pronged" approach. Find a way to leverage your current expertise in such a way that it provides income and time to work toward the life purpose work.Work up a strategy on pursuing your life purpose. Break it down into a lot of very small and doable action steps. Start taking action.Don't get frustrated and give up. Pursuing the certainty on life purpose and actually living life purpose is worth the effort. It is very gratifying and satisfying.You will recognize your purpose when you are doing it. Your inner core vibrates like a tuning fork, and you experience a feeling of light.Letting go of the old and comfortable (rut) can feel like jumping off a cliff when you're not sure if your parachute's working. Working strategically, with a well thought out plan takes most of the risk out of the process.