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Mend The Marriage Review

by Adams Smith (2019-03-04)

Currently, less than half of married Mend The Marriage Review couples have one spouse stay at home to look after children, clean, or cook. It is so expensive to live, both are forced to work in some cases. Others just would rather be working. But the point is that now we have both partners working full time, handling different amounts of stress, dealing with co workers, bosses, customers etc. And then they have to come home and do all of the household chores. Which creates stress and tension at home. Even though this definitely doesn't help the situation, it actually isn't the reason why most marriages end in divorce because of work related issues.The reason why most marriages end or get into trouble with work related issues is not checking yourself at the door. As I like to call it. Doing this can help save your marriage from disaster! With the negative emotions that happen at work, whatever the cause, couples bring that home with them and into their house. They may take out their anger on their spouse, not care about the cleanliness of the house, or totally ignore the other person.Before you walk in the door, you need to rid yourself of those emotions that followed you home from work. It is OK to talk about what is happening with your spouse, but do not take out any frustrations on them just because of work. Yes it is easier said than done, to fully drop all emotions that you may be feeling, but it is possible. The first step is to realize that you may be in a foul mood, and you are carrying negative energy around. This is key. If you do not realize it, then you will have no control over what happens with it next. While on the other hand, if you realize it before you walk in the door, you can have a plan set up to take care of it. Some people like to talk about it with a friend, or spouse. Venting allows a release of all the feelings, emotions and energy they don't want to carry anymore. It frees them in some way. This is usually a very good idea to try. Others may just do a hobby or craft that allows them to escape, whether it's walking, knitting, watching TV or video games. Doing something besides thinking about the problems at work will help.