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by Adams Smith (2019-03-07)

The link between Alzheimer's and stress OptiMind Review is becoming clearer by the day. The sooner you take steps to lower the stress in your life, the more likely you are to prevent the development of Alzheimer's down the road.Proper medical assistance can cure panic disorder at 100%. The treatment of panic disorder consists of two aspects, namely medication and therapy. In many cases, medical professionals specialized in the treatment of panic disorder prefer to bypass medication and focus mainly on therapy as the cure to the said mental illness. They would usually have recourse to two specific therapeutic methods, that is cognitive and behavioral therapy. Cognitive therapy focuses on getting the patient acquainted with every aspect of the illness including symptoms, triggers and consequences. Behavioral therapy, on the other hand, centers on correcting particular aspects of the patient's behavior that may be contributing to worsening her or his condition.Patients suffering from panic disorder in fact fear possible attacks more than specific events or objects that are likely to trigger a panic attack. For example, a person with panic disorder may fear air travel not because he/she thinks that the plane will crash but due to the mere thought that he/she may suffer from a panic attack in the place. Behavioral therapy is used to deal with this kind of situational avoidance manifest in patients with panic disorder. An important aspect of the behavioral therapy which people with the panic disorder condition need to go through is what clinicians have termed as 'interoceptive exposure'. This therapy works around the physical sensations that the patient experiences during a panic attack to acquaint the patient with the same and help her or him build up defense mechanisms. Thus the patient feels empowered against eventual attacks and more confident to confront them, which evidently decreases the fear of attacks. The patients also gain better control over their conditions as they realize that every manifestation of a symptom does not always lead to a fullblown panic attack.