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Numerologist Review

by Adams Smith (2019-03-11)

I invite you to join me in speaking Numerologist Review prayers from the place of purity and sweetness within your heart. Place your right hand on your right thigh and come into your heart, taking a moment to get in touch with your hearts longing. Now, speak to the Divine Male energy within.Beloved Father, thank you for listening to me and being there for me always. Thank you for caring about me and the world. Beloved Father, I don't feel good enough to receive all of your gifts and Love. Teach me to receive all that I need to serve the world in returning to Love.Feel the energy in your body from the words spoken. This is the Father Energy within you responding to your prayers. Now, place your hand on your left thigh as we speak to the Divine Feminine Energy within. Once again enter your heart and let the words come from your deep within.Thank you for helping me bring the light of truth to my unworthiness so that I may love fully and completely. I come home to your warm Love and I let your Love transform me. Take my fears and unworthiness and transform them into Love. I came to give my Love to the world and I choose to give my Love to the world. Thank you for the Alchemy of your Love.Another ingredient to the Scientific Formula of Prayer is to become the child and speak the prayers from that place, which instantly bring us into the Kingdom of Wealth. This form of prayer allows us to become humble with God. We begin to understand that God is not only the Source, but also our Resource for all things.The prayers I share with you are an example. I encourage you to go into your heart and tap into the innocence within you and create your own prayers. In this way your prayers will be answered swiftly.Recently, I was interviewed for Awaken Radio. We talked about many things, including how to receive messages from your angels, and how you work with the four spiritual gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling. But, when I mentioned in passing about Feel Think Act; the host stopped in her tracks. "That is so important; you need to repeat that, Melissa," she said.