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Self Improvement Leadership - Learn How to Lead Yourself to Success

by vathan vathandiva vathandiva (2019-03-12)

Are you wondering  6 Figure Speaker   what pushes someone to get on such an uncomfortable road?Well, I am 53 years old today, I was born with horses around me, race horses, and so I grew up by beginning riding at age 3, I went on to be a horse jockey. Being too heavy and racetracks being closed in my country, I went on to be a horse vaulting Acrobat which you often encounter in circuses.But as a child growing up, I always knew I wanted to build my own business. It was an incredible, profound sense of how I wanted to live my life, even before I knew what path I would take. My life is just one example of many which show that the road to success is not just a bed of roses.

Your Journey Always Begins Optimistically When I then got the opportunity to work for a big circus in the Soviet Union, I refused because animals were treated poorly. Today, I boycott circus because of mistreatment on wildlife. When you begin to go after your goals, you think very optimistically.It is because you have not yet faced any stumbling blocks nor understood the false myths about success. But that optimism is a part of the willpower which gives you the necessary drive to follow through on your path to success.

And if you want to see the journey to fruition successfully; then you must be aware of the price that you are going to pay to realize it. During an exhibition in the USA, I defected, worked with horses at first, but got into becoming an O.R. Technician for a veterinarian which in turn made me move to California where I worked in Hollywood movies.The road to success is constantly being created. Here I was in a country where I did not know anyone, where I did not speak the language, where I had no place to stay, where I had no job and all of this with no money and doing this alone.

Of course, this is extreme, but it is how I chose to do it. So far, I have done it five times already. I had to make it happen to be where I am today. I had real awkward moments on my road to success, but I also had great times where I saw miracles going on in my life. I couldn't be more grateful for it!Over the years, you and I may have faced many hurdles. You know that you do not get there until you make it through all the barriers in your way. All the successful people you see do not come into the world already having success.