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Vision Rx Review

by ABC maggie smith (2019-03-20)

Those who have excessive sun exposure and aVision Rx/ poor diet, particularly high in fatty foods, are all at risk of getting ARMD. Fortunately, these are risk factors many people can address. If you are reaching your 50s, start eating healthier and begin an exercise program.In some cases ARMD moves so slowly people don't even notice a change in their vision. In other cases it moves fast and leads to vision loss in both eyes. ARMD is the leading cause of vision loss in Americans 60 years and older, according to the National Institutes of Health. ARMD is hereditary.In studies, scientists have found links between genes that likely contribute to ARMD. Therefore, it is virtually assured that twins and other multiples may get the disease as they age if they share these gene factors.ARMD is a pervasive disease that robs people of their ability to see fine detail. It affects millions of people each year. Its most common risk factors are smoking, obesity, race, family history and gendThe majority of people will in due course notice deteriorating eyesight along with getting old which will call for wearing eyeglasses to read, this is certainly common, and in medical terms is a affliction known as presbyopia, and that is not a illness, and neither is it preventable.