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No BS Manifesting Course

by gold stone (2019-03-20)

I have always been a No BS Manifesting Course Review woman who was an early riser, jumping out of bed to greet the day with all of its magical moments. During this time in my life, I rarely felt like getting out of bed and would drag myself through the day without passion or purpose. I spent a lot of time watching TV in the evening. It was a place where I could escape my own life, for it seemed dull and listless. It was not until I created the space to explore what might be next for me in a supportive environment that I began to feel that surge of energy, that passion, that fanning of the flames to bring my desire back to a full burn. Today, I'm living a life that is full of energy, passion, and purpose because I made a decision to ignite my flame of desire for what was next for me. Working with women to help them achieve their desires both at work and at home is my passion, my purpose, and my gift to the world.In the Success Circles, women come together to ignite their desire and passion for something new. They have made a decision to create the space in their lives to fan the flame burning deep inside of them. They are giving themselves permission to release their "fire" of desire and passion into the world. The Circle provides a safe space for women to explore in an environment that holds possibilities for the future.How about you? Is your flame of passion and purpose burning bright? Do you wake up every day ready to experience magical moments and bring your Big Idea, Dream or Goal to the world? February, Passion month, is the perfect time to give yourself permission to look at what's possible for you. Acknowledge that, "I deserve to live my life with Passion and Purpose."When I'm in a cold climate, I will always make sure that I find ways to hold my heat, my fire, inside to keep me warm. However, most days I want to open my arms wide and allow my fire, my desire, and my passion to reach out into the world. I invite you to do the same. The world needs you right now...