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Becoming Limitless

by gold stone (2019-03-21)

People who focus on Becoming Limitless Review success never associate themselves with negative emotions. They don't allow their past to dictate their tomorrow. They never play a victim mentality - wasting their time pointing fingers at other people. They don't have time for that! They value their time so much that they are always looking for ways to solve any problems they are facing and determined to see their objectives and vision accomplished. The criticism that might come from other people never discourages them. They keep their focus on their tasks and what they want to achieve.I encourage you today to STAY FOCUSED. Don't allow negative reports from the news, economists, government about the economy and recession to stop you achieving your goals. Keep going at whatever you want to achieve in this life.The most successful people are those who know who they are. They know that each of us is made up of three selves. Each of us is first, the person we think we are - our self concept; second, the person we want others to think we are - our mask; and third, the person others think we are - our perceived self. These can be three very different people. Successful people know that, and work hard to closely align their three selves.When all three selves are closely aligned, a tremendous amount of personal power is generated. To the extent that the three selves are far apart, potential never becomes power - it's wasted - in sales, in relationships, in careers. How can we have clarity in our relationships with others if we don't have clarity in who we are?Remember the movie "Dirty Harry?" When Clint Eastwood's character, Harry, describes someone as a "legend in their own mind?" It was a funny line in the movie - not so funny in real life. We all know at least one "legend in their own mind" kind of person. They are people who don't know who they are, on any level - but they think they do.