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What is the Most Powerful Life Transformation Tactic?

by vathan vathandiva vathandiva (2019-03-21)

Think about how the following might fit Becoming Limitless  into your scheme of personal success:Income. Do you want to be a top earner? Or is a comfortable living more your speed? Quantify your reach salary. Quantify your attainable salary. Compare with what you're taking home now. What's your action plan for getting there?Opportunity cost.

To some, a six or seven-figure salary can be justified by 80-hour work weeks and 60% business travel. What exactly are you willing to swap in or out in terms of your career and life?Values. How do your personal values play into the picture? Is it Very Important, Moderately Important, or Not So Important to work for a company that shares your values? If giving to others is important, is there a way to work service into your career plan?

Time frame. Map out a time line for reaching your end goal. Create smaller, stepping stone goals and pace these out chronologically as well.Work-life balance. Most people strive for a healthy balance between their career and personal life. Have you factored in enough family time and personal time into your plans? What about making time for your community?Health. Age, physical condition and heredity all play a part as well. As a general rule, those who are able to sustain success do so by taking good care of their bodies and expending stress through physical activity. How do diet and exercise weigh in?

State of mind. This is the word I want you to ingrain into your consciousness before you start reading this article. We are the decisions we make, we are our attitudes and our ambitions - and how diluted these are, or how strong they are; are totally dependent on us. If you have lived through life tripping over your own failures that seem to come at you thick and thin, then it's time to stop and think. It's time to re-assess what you are doing and rewrite your life story so that you can let go of your failures. This article will outline 4 things to ask yourself before you can succeed.

Do you have a plan? Life is a strategy. Success is a road you must build yourself to punch through the thickening thickets of failures that seem to grow around you. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Are you happy where you are? What do you plan to do with your life right now that will ensure that you will be happier later on? Come on; it's time to stop floundering around, almost drowning in a sea of disappointment and start the first stroke to that palm tree island of serenity. Have a plan. Look at your finances, look at your relationships, look at yourself. If you are going astray then it's time to correct your course.