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How to Write a Book

by gold stone (2019-03-22)

So failure will be How to Write a Book Review failure without intervention from some other source, whether it be another person, object, book or device. Failure drives us to succeed, in fact some say that failure is success turned inside out. Every success since the history of the world concerning human beings was initiated by failure. Look at the great monuments of the past, the pyramids in Egypt, the evolution of the automobile, the light bulb and space walking! How many times did Thomas Edison fail? Take a look at a couple of his statements:We can learn from other people's mistakes and save ourselves time, money and frustration. Our own efforts can and will produce results but most people don't have the staying power or rather they haven't developed it within themselves.When you realise that you have failed and seek counsel or help from someone who has mastered it, you raise your own personal wisdom level and success enlarges itself around you, because you were wise enough to seek another for assistance and humble enough to know that pride results in disaster.Failure is the best thing that can happen to us, and if it isn't, it should be. Once you start to begin to see failure as a driving force instead of a brick wall, your circumstances will become more open up to you and you will invite more creativity into your life. It's amazing, take one step and you see the other one created right before your very own eyes.Success cannot happen without failure, they need each other to exist, one precedes the other. When you find success in whatever you are doing, you have mastered failure. Thanks for reading this Article, I hope it has stirred up something powerful within you.