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Did "Marketing" Kill Your Fire For Your Business?

by vathan vathandiva vathandiva (2019-03-22)

Some argue that persons demanding Tinnitus 911  the permissibility of euthanasia are people who, perhaps because of a serious illness or perhaps for reason unrelated to their illness are extremely depressed and say that they want to die. That these people are no different than others who think of suicide- just that they have medical problems in addition to their emotional or psychological problems.

Most persons are victims of frustration, because they find themselves in this whole new world, where they are completely dependent on others and find it impossible to lead any active life for that matter. Suicidologists find that those who speak of suicide or ending their life do so, because they wish to seek attention. But the present argument is not directed towards determining whether persons desiring attention should be given such attention. The present argument prominently concerns itself with the issue, which is linked directly to each one of us. It speaks of the rights of those people who are terminally ill (like the right to decide about life sustaining treatment; and right to respect for autonomy) and have no- where to go or seek, but the Court of Law and Justice, because today's and hopefully tomorrow's world is based and controlled by the rule of law.

However the only contribution that the law can make at this juncture is providing a procedural legal framework that would guide the practice of euthanasia (in the best possible way) in serving the interests of the contemporary and future society.

Also, euthanasia and physician assisted suicide are not simply legal issues alone; and by terming them as legal questions, we may be missing the crux of the matter. With everyday discoveries being made in modern science and medicine, new ways to sustain and prolong life are brought about, keeping us alive no matter what. But unless modern science and medicine come up with a miracle cure for age, that would keep us alive and active, more and more people such as those suffering from Aids, Cancer, or patients in Persistent Vegetative State, or patients suffering from motor neurone disease, would rather prefer to exercise the option of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide.

Whilst most of the medical facilities in the United States and that of some of the most developed nations follow the request of the patient in the form of Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) why then is it difficult to allow a person to chose the manner in which he/she dies. Everyday, we make thousands of exceptions both big and small, many even without our knowledge. Perhaps it's time we made one towards our policy for euthanasia in exceptional cases of the terminally ill patients, who wish to die.