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No BS Manifesting Course Review

by dilli jack (2019-03-23)

Let's begin by looking at one example. No BS Manifesting Course Young Johnny sees the movie Harry Potter, and his mother tells him that the writer has quite an imagination and he decides he too wants to be a writer. Now Johnny is only 7 years old mind you, but you can see he is excited about expressing himself as did the writer JK Rowling. He goes to his room and begins to write a story. All day and into the night he continued to write, two full pages, large letters but carefully drafted line by line into his notebook. It couldn't have been but 150 words or so. He went to sleep and dreamed about how wonderful he felt with his first story.

All dressed up, hair slicked back, he raises his hand and asks the teacher if he can read the story he wrote to his classmates. He comes to the front of the room, excited to read his story and he does. At the completion the class is silent and a few begin to laugh and tell him it was a stupid story. Johnny begins to cry and a potential writer quickly loses interest and never writes again, his dream is lost. In this case, the lack of imagination was in not being able to see more than the one conclusion he could make about himself to the response of his classmates. So Johnny was left with being able to conclude one possibility, that he was not a good story writer.