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Improve Your Marriage by Doing 6 Pack Ab Workout

by vathan vathandiva vathandiva (2019-03-23)


Dress right. Wearing of tight-fitting clothes    Serexin  especially skinny jeans, which have also become common to males, can cause an impediment in the blood flow to the male reproductive organs. This can then lead to a decrease in the amount of sperm cells being produced. Another way of how to increase sperm is to take care not to expose the organs of the male reproductive system especially the testes to too much heat.

Practice a healthy sex life. Engaging in multiple-sex partner and unprotected sex can lead to the development of sexually transmitted infection such as Chlamydia and syphilis. These diseases can cause your sperm count to lower because of the scarring of organs that produce sperm as well as the passageway of sperm.Stay away from toxic pollutants. You might not know it, but the place you are working might be filled with harmful chemicals which can cause a significant decrease in your sperm count. Among the common toxic substances you have to watch out for are thalates from plastic factories, alkylphenols in domestic detergents, phytoestrogens from soya products, and many others. Avoiding exposure to such chemicals is a helpful way of how to increase sperm count. You also have to stay away from sources of radiation such as photocopier machines and laptops or netbooks.

Many scientific researches have established a general decline in the ejaculation volume of men. Though more studies need to be conducted to pinpoint the specific cause, several results have attributed such decrease to unhealthy lifestyle practices. If you have been having problems of impregnating your partner and want to determine whether or not you are the culprit to such problem, one of the ways of finding out is through subjecting yourself to a semen analysis.Semen analysis is a relatively easy, fast, and reliable test to determine infertility problems in men.

Aside from determining your ejaculation volume, it can also pinpoint other problems involving sperm count and motility among others. This is done by collecting a sample of ejaculate either during masturbation or actual sexual intercourse with the aid of collection condoms.

Before the test, the collection vessel is first weighed then weighed after along with the semen. The difference of the two values can already determine the ejaculation volume. Sperm count and form can be determined through microscopy. Motility, on the other hand, requires the more sophisticated test of computer assisted semen analysis (CASA). The first two can be done at home with the aid of kits but the latter needs to be done in accredited medical laboratories and testing centers. Among the normal values to watch out for include the following: