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Polarity Therapy Heals

by vathan vathandiva vathandiva (2019-03-23)

Research on aging has found four major  CBD Green Lab Capsules 10mg  mechanisms that bring about this decline. These are: OXIDATIVE DAMAGE - damage by free radicals at the molecular level, GLYCATION/GLYCOSYLATION - bonding of sugars to proteins that stiffens tissues and destroys their function, INFLAMATION - a repair/immune process that becomes more prominent, damaging and indiscriminant as we age, and SENESCENCE - cells stop dividing due to loss of telomere length; this seems to set maximum lifespan limit. Maintaining physical capability (and mental capability) is a matter of delaying and minimizing the effects of these aging mechanisms for as long as possible. The benefits are worthy of effort, and as science advances, technology may allow us to outrun aging entirely. I'm not holding my breath on this, but it is interesting to ponder that we may someday be able to reverse-age as we grow older. I don't know what the world would be like with a huge population of youngsters over 200 years young, but I wouldn't mind being among those to first deal with the problem.

The tools we have to combat these aging mechanisms are not well understood by the average citizen. Most know that we should eat right, exercise some, get enough rest and have a positive, constructive attitude. Some know that there are supplements that slow the aging process or prevent disease. But, the devil is in the details and the details are presented to us with of much confusion. Two examples: We were told for the last 30 years that fats were bad and carbohydrates were good, clean burning, etc. But the less fat and the more carbs we ate, the fatter we got, and the higher the incidence of type II diabetes, heart disease and cancer climbed in our population. Then, we were told that we needed anti-oxidants and one of the best was vitamin-E. But the vitamin-E we were told to take was alpha-tocopheryl. Vitamin-E turns out to be made up of four tocopheryls and four tocotrienols, all of which have anti-oxidant properties and are synergistic in the way they de-energize free radicals in different tissues of the body. Taking large doses of alpha-tocopheryl actually creates a vitamin-E deficiency, increasing free radical damage in many areas of the body.

Still, the tools for combating age-related functional decline are indeed NUTRITION, EXERCISE, REST and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. At some age, for each of us, we have to make up for the deficiencies of aging by adding SUPPLEMENTS and HORMONAL ENHANCEMENT if we want to stay in the game and be able to play hard to the last inning (period, set, quarter, etc.). Start with food - the basic materials that build and sustain the body. In our prime we can seemingly eat anything and digest it, absorb it, assimilate it and utilize it. But as we age, stomach acid and enzyme production decrease, digestion worsens, absorption and assimilation of nutrients becomes less effective. Mechanisms for getting nutrients into our cells, and waste products out, become less effective. The basic starting point for any anti-aging effort is to eat all the necessary nutrients and enhance the mechanisms for digestion, absorption and assimilation.