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How To Choose The Right Therapist for YOU

by vathan vathandiva vathandiva (2019-03-25)

I remember in fifth grade  No BS Manifesting Course  told me that I was dumb in math. Well it took me till twelfth grade to prove her wrong because I hold both a bachelors and a Master's degree in electrical engineering. I think I have proved to myself that I am not dumb in math. This is another key point: you are healing for you, not anyone else.

What have you bought into that is keeping you from realizing your full potential? Isn't it about time you dumped those programs and old stories? The fact is that we are limitless. We are only limited by our own beliefs and conditioning. So the choice is yours. Make a decision to improve yourself and successfully change your life.Everyone knows you must fill up the gas tank of your car on a regular basis to keep running down the road. The same is true with your life. Every night your energy must be renewed with a good night's sleep. A couple of times a day your body must be rejuvenated with food. The same concept is needed for your mind as well. Did you realize this? Are you doing this? Do you know what to feed your mind to rejuvenate and energize it?

For you to have a smooth running car, you must have gas in the tank and the proper amount of oil in the engine. You must have air in the tires. You must have coolant in the radiator. There are other important fluids that are needed to keep the engine running properly so you can get to your destinations. The one you watch over the most is the gas tank.For your body to run properly, you should eat healthy food and eat in moderation. You need the proper amount of water and fluids. You need rest to keep up your energy and you need exercise to keep the heart and muscles in shape. Just like your car, there are several things that are needed for a healthy body with the one you focus on the most being what you eat.

For your mind, there are several things that go into having a healthy and successful mind. Unlike your car that you only need to fill up your gas tank maybe once a week and you may check the other fluids once every three months and unlike your body where you only eat a couple of times a day and rest once every 24 hours, your mind has thousands of thoughts a day and should be checked and monitored more often. So what are the types of things you should be filling your mind?