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No BS Manifesting Course

by gold stone (2019-03-25)

Now, we're not 'normal' - thank No BS Manifesting Course Review goodness. My wife and I are entrepreneurs; a big word I know, but it simply means that we've taken control of our lives by starting our own venture. We've recently had a family member; however, tell us that we're 'delusional', that we're not thinking rationally, that we're just 'acting happy'. Now we know that we're not any of those things, so why would someone in our family who loves us, tell us those things?3% of people in civilized countries are outrageously wealthy because of one thing. They don't follow the herd, or the masses - whatever you want to call it. They take responsibility for their own actions and live their lives 'on purpose' to create what they want. The other 97% are the people who wouldn't dare do something out of the ordinary because of what their neighbor and family would say. The 3% don't care what their neighbors or family would say and just do it anyway.The job of the 'herd' is to keep you in the herd - so they quite readily tell you that taking risks is dangerous and that you need to think rationally and realistically. Let me tell you that if it weren't for the unrealistic people in the world, NOTHING would ever get done, would ever progress or ever change. THANK GOODNESS for unrealistic people.Be unrealistic, be irrational, be scary, live your life, get things done, create your abundant future - and don't let anyone try to steal your dream by telling you you're wrong.Kieron Atkinson is a husband to one and a father of two girls. He lives in Queensland Australia and has found a system to enable anyone to create the results they want in their lives.Kieron runs a thriving network marketing business with a group of Philanthropists who enjoy giving back to others whilst building our own future. He has a passion for improving himself and the lives of his family, as well as anyone else he comes across who have a real desire to take control of their lives.