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Obesity - What It Is, How You Get It And Problems That May Occur - Is It Really As Bad As They Say?

by vathan vathandiva vathandiva (2019-03-26)

It's inspiring to see churches in the  Tinnitus 911  west and other developed countries emerge to deal with issues relating to societal and community affairs. Africa is still struggling to find means and capacity to respond to the social ills in society. Biblically based help and Christ centered programs aimed at helping the community must be designed from a theological, spiritual and biblical point of view. For example, HIV/AIDS, Alcohol and drug recovery programs must be part of the church's mission statement. These programs form part of what ministry is. Ministry is becoming relevant to people in need and afflicted.

Spiritual guidance is necessary to help shape society and provide solid spiritual and moral foundation. Where is the church amidst all these social ills and realities of the day? The church must reconsider it's role in shaping the destiny of society; otherwise posterity will judge the church harshly

The church as an agency of God on earth has a clear mandate and responsibility to find permanent and true solutions to human predicaments. Armed with the word of God and God's anointing, the church is competent to deal with substance abuse effectively, the only problem faced is little or lack of emphasis. The church's training agencies overlooked this part of spiritual and social training or skill.

The church is strategically positioned on earth to deal with spiritual and social ills. Therefore, it's not within the best interest of the church to condemn and shun from the problems affecting the broader society. The church cannot condemn substance abuse, if in the meantime it's doing nothing to prevent or address the problem. To show that the institution of the church is not tailored towards addressing this matter, we have no systems and programs designed to tackle the problem.