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by mary bose (2019-04-10)

Many people approach exercise in a casual, add-on, kind of way. Wildfit Review/ They look at all the stuff they are doing already and try to figure out where they can add some exercise. Their motivation? They really SHOULD get more exercise.So, they work out when, where, and if they can, and life intrudes. Since the workout has been squeezed into some niche in their lives, it's easy to pop it back out and set it to the side when something "more important" happens.Now, we often already USE "routine', such as in "exercise routine" or "workout routine", but, we usually simply are referring to the group and/or sequence of exercises we have chosen to perform.We really need to think of "routine" in the sense of a regularly scheduled, and practiced, set of exercises. A regular workout should be "penciled in" so to speak in our daily calendar, and other things scheduled around it."No, I can't come to the bake sale at 2:00 this afternoon. That's when I exercise."Oh, I understand that sometimes we will have to make adjustments because of life obligations, but, our exercise should be considered as so important that it becomes part of, a major part of, our daily.