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Cerisea Medica

by mary bose (2019-04-22)

You live with pain every day. It's hard to think about anything else Cerisea Medica Reviews /. It interferes with your getting a good night's sleep, getting dressed in the morning, making love, getting groceries, and going to name but a very few of its effects.Chronic pain has changed you... and your brain. Pain is not a simple thing. Researchers are finding that pain, and how we feel pain, is strongly influenced by our attention to it, our mood, and our emotions about it, which all takes place in the brain.Neural networks are formed and are continuously stimulated when experiencing chronic pain. Neuroscience now suggests that if we change our perception of pain, we can make new neural networks and change our experience of pain.That's exactly how brainwave entrainment works.Specially designed recordings, using audio and/or visual pulses, are introduced to the brain to change brainwave frequency. Using the frequency following response principle, the brain entrains or mimics the pattern, and changes the dominant frequency, changing the state.Under these conditions, the brain can rewire and change the perception of pain, drastically reducing it or completely removing it. The old "go to" networks for pain will atrophy from lack of activation, and the new networks will grow stronger and become the default, with continued stimulation.Why Brainwave Entrainment Works To Relieve PainIt changes everything at the level of the neurotransmitter.changes the way the brain processes pain signals.Alters perception of pain by blocking messages and releasing endorphins. /