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Skintology Md

by mary bose (2019-04-23)

An antioxidant face cream is an essential weapon in your Skintology Md Review/ arsenal if you wish to combat the signs of aging. This is because oxidation is one of the main reasons why your skin starts to age. Pollution in the atmosphere causes free radicals to accumulate on the surface of and inside our skin. These combine with oxygen in the air and cause damage to your skin.Pick up an antioxidant face cream that is made using this product and you need not worry about early aging.There are a lot of face creams available that promise to arrest the signs of aging. The simple truth is that only a product that can remove free radicals from deep within your skin and not just the surface will be able to protect your skin.Do not pick up any product just because it has the word antioxidant printed on it. Look for a product that has sufficient quantities of antioxidant ingredients. Not just that, it should also be in a form that is easily absorbed by the skin.Be equally wary of any product that calls itself an organic face cream. It may have certain organic ingredients, but a close examination of its contents will most likely reveal harsh chemicals and mineral oil fillers.Pick up any skin care lotion or face cream and study its list of ingredients. Chances are that you will come across parabens, dioxanes and alcohols. These can all cause some sort of skin or health problem, cancer in instances.