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Blood Balance Formula Reviews

by mary bose (2019-05-17)

What is blood pressure? Blood pressure is the measure Blood Balance Formula Reviews/ of the force of the blood on the walls of the arteries, as it travels from the heart through the body. A person's blood pressure doesn't remain at a constant level. It can fluctuate as daily activities change. Exercise, stress, rest and sleep are all activities that can cause these changes.How is blood pressure measured? Blood pressure is measured with an instrument called a Sphygmomanometer and is measured by comparing the pressure of the blood in the artery - usually in the arm - against a column of air or mercury in a calibrated tube.The pressure is measured in two steps. The first is when the heart is pumping or contracting - so the artery will be filled with blood, this is called Systolic Pressure. The second is when the heart is released between beats - so the artery will be slack, this is called Diastolic Pressure.What is high blood pressure? High blood pressure is also called Hypertension. This does not mean that a person is agitated or very tense. It simply means that taking into account the persons details, the blood pressure is greater than accepted.normal levels for that person. Higher than normal blood pressure levels can put an individual into a high risk-factor group of suffering a stroke or heart attack. The higher the blood pressure, the greater the risk.What is normal blood pressure? Normal blood pressure might be anywhere in the range between. Ideally, normal blood pressure should fall about half way between these readings, with variations either way being age related.