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by mary bose (2019-05-18)

Domestic abuse is a serious topic and something Memory Hack/ that seriously needs to be addressed. Did you know that two women a week die of domestic abuse related causes in the UK? Or that one in five people on average will experience domestic abuse of some kind Despite this surprising prevalence and severity however, domestic abuse is a topic that is not fully understood and that many of us aren't aware of. There are a lot of mistaken beliefs when it comes to domestic abuse, and if we are going to address the topic and improve.the situation then it's important that we start to change these and to educate people better. Here we will look at some of the lesser known aspects of domestic abuse so that you are better informed and more able to spread the discussion.What is Domestic Abuse First of all it's important to understand that what domestic abuse really entails. Note for instance the domestic abuse does not only refer to violence, and that it can actually take a lot of other forms. Abuse can mean emotional, financial, psychological or physical and can manifest.itself in many ways whether it's punching, belittling, controlling, addicting or restraining.At the same time you should be aware that domestic abuse does not only affect women and can also affect men as well as children and the elderly. It is most common for women, but the issue is very widespread.Why Do Victims Stay One of the biggest mistakes people make when discussing domestic abuse is to think that the victims are somehow to blame for not leaving. What they don't appreciate here is that there are many different psychological.