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Lean Body Hacks

by sai yash (2019-05-23)

Simply put, carbohydrates are the prime sourceLean Body Hacks/ of energy for the body. Our body is much like a energy house that burns carbs to facilitate day to day activities. If you are thinking on depriving the body of one of its most vital energy sources, you could be gravely wrong. If you cut down significantly on carbs, the body will turn to the fat that is stored in the body, thereby depleting energy levels considerably. Also, as carbohydrates hydrate the body, they are highly important in retaining elasticity in the skin. Less supply of carbs will certainly leave a saggy skin which is definitely not good to look at.Despite all this, still if you are skeptic about downing food, you can go for protein shakes that are definitely a healthier alternative to your regular meals.